Internet Of Things

Single-Tenant Cloud Environments For Maximum Control And Privacy

Private Clouds enable greater security and control for companies
who need a more bespoke solution or have strict compliance regulations to meet.


Internet of things is a term coined by general electric and others such as cisco termed it as the internet of everything. Internet of things includes vast array of devices, appliances to capture, filter and exchange data for varying uses ranging from personal use to measuring the amount of energy used at a industrial outlet.

It is important to differentiate between the internet of things and industrial internet of things. Internet of things refers to a much broader concept and it has different target audience, strategies and requirements.

For example consumer market has the highest visibility with products ranging from smart homes to wearable.

To understand the value internet of things brings to the business we have to need to consider what IIOT is all about. Industrial Internet of things provides better visibility into the company`s operations through integration of machine sensors, applications, software layers, cloud applications and storage. It uses the feedback received from these machines with the help of advanced analytics to transform business processes and gain efficiencies.

Although roots of IIOT go back to several existing technologies like machine to machine communication ,sensors and RFID ,the scale of operations of industrial internet of things that will be different. Businesses utilizing big data techniques along with IIOT systems will be able analyze huge sets of data online using cloud-hosted advanced analytics. The storage of data sets is much simpler due to easier access to next generation technologies.