Our full portfolio of service options covers every phase of the device lifecycle—from start to finish—for HP devices and other brands. Our expert consultants will help you choose a program to optimize your technology investment.

Comprehensive services  tailored to your business needs

HP Lifecycle Services provide a broad portfolio of services to help you at every stage of the device lifecycle, from planning and design to configuration and deployment, to workforce support, and secure eco-friendly device refreshes. Let HP simplify how to equip your organization with the right services that improve user and IT performance, agility, and cost predictability.

1. Discover & Design

Take advantage of professional services to get the most from your IT investment.
- Assessment and strategy gor Windows 10
- Image architect, build and update

2. Configure

Get your PCs expertly configured and ready to use out of the box.
- Image and application preinstallation
- Custom system settings
- Labeling and tagging
- Integration & packaging

3. Deploy

Let HP make the delivery, staging, installation, and setup of your devices easy.
- Logistic and delivery
- Installation & setup
- Data migration

4. Optimize

Your trusted, global partner to improve user productivity and IT managebility.
- Windows 10 migration expertise
- Enterprise class priority support
- Staff augumentation

5. Maintain

Get support, repair and replacement services in the workplace and on the road.
- Next business day onsite support
- Accidental damage production
- Travel services
- Secure retention of defective media

6. Recover & renew

HP will securely recover and repurpose or recycle your end of use devices.
- Device deinstallation
- Data sanitation
- Recycling programs


Take advantage of professional services to get the most from your IT investments.


HP Assessment and Strategy Service for Windows 10 Service
Prepare for Windows 10 the easy way with a customized strategy for making a seamless transition with the Assessment and Strategy Service for Windows 10. HP will collect information about your hardware and applications to assess the readiness of your organization, then recommend a migration strategy.

HP PC Image Architect, Build, and Update Service
Let HP take on the technical complexity and help you migrate to Windows 10 with a omprehensive service. With the HP PC Image Architect, Build, & Update Service, our experts will host an onsite workshop to gather requirements and then build and test your image or provisioning solution, and update it, if desired.


Get your PCs expertly configured and  ready to use out of the box.


HP Image and Application Services
Save IT time and resources with our broad range of device imaging solutions so that your new PCs arrive tailored to your needs and are ready to use out of the box.

HP Custom System Setting Services
Go beyond factory default settings and accelerate your workforce productivity with PCs that are ready for your users and IT environment, upon arrival.

HP Labeling and Tagging Services
Protect your investment and manage and track your assets_2 with physical and electronic tagging.

HP Integration and Packaging Services
Deliver complete solutions to your users with HP and third-party hardware, accessories, and custom documents delivered as one package.

HP Dynamic Configuration
Get your new PCs up and running fast. Conveniently extend your imaging environment to an HP facility, and dynamically configure and personalize each user’s PC.


Let HP make the delivery, staging, installation,  and setup of your devices easy.


HP Logistic Services
Makes PC deployments faster, easier, and on your terms, with flexible delivery options. Just pick the day and the location, and HP can take care of the rest.

HP Installation Services
Put our expertise to work for you with services that make PC installations and setup easy and affordable. Services can also be customized to your exact needs.

HP Data Migration Services
Minimize user disruptions and maintain productivity when you deploy your new devices by allowing HP to migrate the data from your old PCs.

HP Conferencing Implementation Service
Bring unified communications to your meeting rooms and huddle spaces and enable greater collaboration with your HP conferencing solutions and Skype for Business.


Your trusted, global partner to improve user productivity and IT manageability.


HP Windows 10 Migration Services
Make it easy to roll-out Windows 10 across your organization. In addition to Discover and Design services, HP offers a full suite of services to successfully migrate to Windows 10 including configuration, deployment, and optimization services.

HP Priority Access and Priority Management Services
HP provides your organization with premium level global support for your IT staff around the world.

HP Staff Augmentation Services
Take advantage of our dedicated, skilled IT experts who can quickly assist your team, onsite or remotely, when you need additional IT help for short or long-term projects.


Get support, repair, and replacement services  in the workplace and on the road.


HP Hardware Support Onsite Service
Get the support you need with the flexibility to choose between multiple service-level options featuring several onsite response or call-to-repair time and coverage window combinations.

HP Accidental Damage Protection
Be protected in the event of unexpected device damage and avoid out-of-pocket repair or replacement costs.

HP Travel Services
Travel worry-free, stay productive, and reduce downtime—wherever you go—with local language telephone and onsite support in select countries.

HP Defective Media Retention Service
Keeping your hard drive when it requires replacement is critical to maintaining control of your sensitive data and ability to disposition it in a way that meets your security standards.

HP Tech Café
Deliver simple, efficient IT support for employees with HP Tech Café. HP Tech Café Walk-up Center offers a customized on-site space for face-to-face support. HP Tech Café Market is an anytime, self-service vending and device staging solution.


HP will securely recover and repurpose or recycle your end of use devices.


HP Deinstallation Service
Deploy your new devices fast when our team takes care of all the deinstallation tasks.

HP Sanitization Service
Secure your information and get peace of mind when we completely erase the data from your devices or permanently destroy the storage media in accordance with the latest industry standards.

HP Recycling Service
Smoothly transition to new devices while adhering to your policies for end of use and supporting social initiatives and environmental directives.

HP Lifecycle Services is the right choice to help simplify and enhance device lifecycle management. And, whether you’re looking to purchase select lifecycle services, or ready for a flexible HP Device as a Service (DaaS) plan, you can rely on HP to deliver expert solutions to optimize your technology investment.

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