Software Defined Infrastructure

Single-Tenant Cloud Environments For Maximum Control And Privacy

Private Clouds enable greater security and control for companies
who need a more bespoke solution or have strict compliance regulations to meet.


Next Generation IT users demand agility, scalability, ease of use and integration between various third party platforms that they use. Today’s organisations have the opportunity to deliver applications and services quickly, embrace new markets and maximise employee productivity. Organisations are limited by hardware capabilities and traditional applications which inhibit business growth.IT leaders also are constrained due to fractured IT Infrastructure made up of discrete compute, networking and storage capacity. Software defined infrastructure is a combination of software defined compute, network and storage combined make it a pure play software defined data centre.

SDI delivers IT infrastructure as code for holistic control, programmability and adaptability. In software defined environment, the margin of errors due to minimal human intervention and policy-based automation. In this environment IT administration becomes much simpler and adapts to the changing need of the user in real-time accelerating service agility, ensuring consistency and discouraging shadow IT.

Rome was not built in a day, similarly software defined infrastructure is built over a period of time. SDI is broken down in into three major steps that mandate an open approach to virtualisation, creating policies to suit the requirements of the organisation and optimising the infrastructure that is scalable and elastic.