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Introduction to Zoho Books

Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, keeps you GST compliant, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments. Zoho Books is a double-entry accounting software that helps you organize both your accounts payable and accounts receivables. With a flexible tax setup, an easily traceable history of transactions that helps you stay prepared for audits, and reports that tell you how much you've collected in taxes, Zoho Books helps you breeze through tax season. You can send invoices and estimates, receive online payments, and automatically reconcile bank transactions. Gain insights into business performance with detailed financial reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow at a click of a button.

Zoho Books bring the following benefits to your business:

  • End-to-end accounting: Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, keeps you GST compliant, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments. Right from negotiating deals to raising sales orders and invoicing, Zoho Books handles mundane accounting tasks so you can focus on your business.

  • GST compliance: Create GST invoices, know your tax liability, and file your tax returns directly. Zoho Books keeps your business GST compliant. Zoho Books lets you associate HSN/SAC codes with your goods and services and record the GSTINs for contacts at the time of creation.

  • e-Way bills for consignments:Create e-Way bills from within Zoho Books which automatically detects transactions that require e-Way bills An e-invoice, is a digital document that is exchanged between a supplier and buyer and validated by the government tax portal. E-invoicing is the proposed system where business-to-business (B2B) invoices are digitally prepared in an e-invoicing format and authenticated by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

  • On-time returns filing:There are 11 types of GST returns that must be filed by various kinds of taxpayers and at various times. Zoho Books syncs with the GST Network portal, where all the details pertaining to your returns and all the parties you conduct business transactions with will be stored. When your vendor and customers submits their returns, which includes details of your transactions through the portal, it will be fetched in your Zoho Books account automatically which ensure tax returns are filed swiftly and without hassles.

  • Integrate with your Business Infrastructure: : As your business grows, integrate Zoho books further with your other business infrastructure such as your bank, payment gateways, cloud services and applications to help you manage and run every aspect of your business from wherever you are.

  • Go beyond tax compliance; get prepared for the future: Adapting to a GST can be challenging, especially if it requires you to change key business functions that you’ve been doing a certain way for a long time. With a proper Zoho Books, you can streamline the entire process, save time, and reduce inaccuracies in your tax preparation.

  • Inventory


    Introduction to Zoho Inventory

    Inventory management software for growing businesses. Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software. Inventory management is a technique of controlling, storing, and keeping track of your inventory items. Inventory management is an essential component of supply chain management, as it regulates all the operations that are involved from the moment an item enters your store until it has been dispatched.

    Zoho Inventory has the following features:

  • Optimize your stock levels:With Zoho Inventory, you’ll never run out of your most popular product again. Receive notifications when items are running low using the automatic reordering feature. So, you’ll never lose out on another sale due to untimely stock-outs. You can get clear insights from the powerful inventory reports so you never under-stock or overstock again.

  • Centralized Inventory: With Zoho Inventory, you only have to enter information into your system once. As stock comes in and out, your inventory quantities automatically update across all your selling channels. Also, you can finally stop losing sales due to incorrect listings. Any change made in one channel will be reflected across in all other channels. When everything’s in sync, there’s no margin for error!

  • Keep track of orders and shipments:Know which orders require immediate attention and fulfill them promptly. Zoho Inventory caters to the needs of businesses that drop-ship as well from purchase to payments. With over 25 shipping service integrations, you can receive real-time shipping rates, as well as the latest in-transit info. You can also receive notifications when the shipment has been delivered and it gets automatically updated in your Zoho Inventory account. Manage reorders, create purchase orders, record deliveries to your warehouse using purchase receives and raise bills to keep abreast of vendor payments. Create sales orders, raise invoices, get paid instantly by integrating to a payment gateway, print package slips and generate shipment labels

  • Integrated with other business apps: Establish an integration with reliable shipping carriers, customer, vendors to take care of your logistics from within the Zoho Inventory itself. Bring in your network of customers and suppliers from CRM, accounting platform, shipping carries. Additionally, secure your money by integrating with time tested online payment gateways. Your finance department can intelligently allocate resources for purchases with the knowledge of sales reports, cash flow, stock availability and profits. And, your sales staff can provide your customers better service by knowing product availability, pricing and shipment details.

  • Mobile App:Zoho Inventory comes with a mobile app with which users can keep track of orders, inventory and shipments right from their mobile. It is constant sync with the web-app and you can get instant updates even when you are away from your computer. Get instant updates on orders and items that are packed, shipped and delivered.

  • Invoice


    Introduction to Zoho Invoice

    Zoho Invoice is GST compliant invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices, automatically send payment reminders, and get paid faster online. Whether you're invoicing online or recording offline payments, Zoho Invoice has you covered for everything you need to simplify your business invoicing, expenses, project and timesheets, estimates and more.

    Everything you need to simplify your business invoicing, and more.

  • Create customized invoices, estimates:Enjoy complete freedom over the look and feel of your invoices. Choose a premade template from a gallery and tailor it so you can build your brand the way you want. With fully customizable templates from Zoho Invoice, build your brand the way you want it. Enjoy complete freedom over the look and feel of your invoices, estimates, and sales orders.

  • Automate your workflows: Sit back and let your software take care of your invoices by automating tedious recurring tasks from invoicing workflows to payment reminders. Automate tedious recurring tasks, from invoicing workflows to payment reminders. Create webhooks which facilitate communication with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in Zoho Invoice.

  • Collect payments easily and securely: Invoicing software ensures that payments are absolutely secure with PCI DSS compliance. You can even automatically collect payments on a recurring basis. For transactions occurring at regular intervals, save your customers' card details and charge them automatically with Zoho Invoice. With retainer invoices, collect and record advance payments received for goods and services you provide.

  • Projects & Timesheets:Effortlessly track time and bill your clients for hours spent on their projects. Choose from a variety of methods to turn hours into invoices. Zoho Invoice gives you a concise breakdown of your billed and unbilled hours and expenses. When you're ready to bill, convert them into invoices in a click. You have the option of opting for project hours or task hours with Zoho Invoice as your billing basis.

  • Improve customer relations:Invoicing software helps your customer relationships reach a new level. Good invoicing software includes CRM support and a client portal for customers to track their transactions or make payments online. Offer your clients access to all their transactions in one place with the collaborative client portal. Don't waste time with lengthy emails — communicate with your clients in real time. Make deals, discuss prices, and negotiate terms and conditions all in one place.

  • Reports:Run reports on your business and get better insight into the health of your business and share it with your team which can be scheduled on timely basis of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly as per your preferences. From setting date ranges to choosing the transaction status, Zoho Invoice lets you customize and tailor your reports to suit your business needs and share it with your business colleagues as needed.

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