Hybrid cloud solutions provide simplicity, security, governance, and control to support your IT and business goal who need a more bespoke solution or have strict compliance regulations to meet.

Mixed Cloud environments that allow you to capitalise on the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the Public Cloud without compromising on security and performance .

Hybrid cloud is a catalyst for IT transformation, providing the flexibility to combine your preferred clouds and existing on-premises infrastructure in the ratio best suited for your workloads.In a multi-cloud environment, you can rapidly provision infrastructure and apps, increase scalability, improve efficiency through automation and virtualisation, and reduce costs. HPE hybrid cloud solutions provide simplicity, security, governance, and control to support your IT and business goal

We work with a comprehensive portfolio of technologies including - HPE, IBM, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint and virtual desktops.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Some people mistakenly believe that having a hybrid cloud means that you keep all your IT operations in-house, except for connecting one server to a public cloud. A hybrid cloud actually refers to an IT environment that uses both private and public clouds. The clouds operate independently, but they communicate with each other. Sometimes, technologies are used to achieve data and application portability between them.

The main benefit of using a hybrid cloud is that it is highly customizable. For example, you can use a private cloud for the IT resources that need tighter security, while using a public cloud for those resources you want to be scalable.

None of the cloud types are inherently better than the others. The different types of clouds simply meet different needs. Our team can recommend the type of cloud that is best for your company, given your current business requirements and what you envision them to be in the future.

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Workload placement in a multi-cloud environment

By identifying the optimal workload placement in your hybrid IT environment, you can achieve superior economics while providing the data and services that are essential to advancing your business.


HPE’s broad portfolio of cloud services and solutions can help make your hybrid cloud vision a reality and help you go further, faster.

HPE OneSphere

An as-a-service hybrid cloud management platform that builds clouds, deploys apps and gains insights faster.

Dell Technologies Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure

Adopt a data-first mindset and modernize your current IT operations with cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions from Dell EMC.

IBM Cloud for VMware

Simplify the migration of VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud.

Cloud Ready Storage

Intelligent storage that’s built for cloud so it works seamlessly with public cloud and your data centre allowing your data to move freely without constraints on location or workload.

HPE GreenLake

Deliver the outcomes your business demands. Our suite of consumption-based IT solutions – designed, delivered and operated by HPE Pointnext – offers a simple, pay-as-you-go IT financial model.

Hybrid Multicloud Services

Integrate, manage and optimize across Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM Cloud™ and other cloud providers.

IBM Financial Services

IBM Cloud solutions for financial services include cognitive analytics from IBM Watson™ so you can better manage the ever-growing demands of customers, compliance and the competition.

HPE InfoSight

Optimise performance and prevent problems by adding AI-driven operations that combine cloud-based machine learning with performance monitoring.

Hybrid Cloud Software-Defined Storage

Manage data growth and enable multicloud flexibility with agile, scalable Software Defined Storage solutions for your enterprise.

HPE OneView

Integrated IT management that transforms compute, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure to automate tasks and accelerate your business.

HPE Composable Fabric

Software defined networking fabric purpose-built for workload-driven performance and scale.

Multicloud Management Solutions (MCMS)

Leverage an open approach to effectively integrate, manage and optimize your multiple data centers or multicloud environments

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