Learn how you can leverage the Circular Economy and employ an IT economic strategy to meet your needs for today, tomorrow and the future.

The Future Belongs To The Fast

Typical finance models call for keeping IT equipment in place for several years, but with the current pace of innovation, most systems are obsolete far sooner than that. Our solutions bring the agility you need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology.

IT Finance Services

Your IT investment and lifecycle management strategy starts here.

Leasing equipment instead of buying can be a smart business move, especially in an age of IT disruption. But it should be one part in a larger plan. Turn to the experts at HPE Financial Services to build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that accelerate your digital transformation today and help you stay flexible for future technology needs.

IT Finance Services

Circular Economy: Achieve Your Business and Sustainability Goals

The new world of IT is all about the circular economy. Where your full IT product lifecycle – from resource extraction to product design and use, through to end-of-use management – to extend product and material life drives your ability to meet your business and sustainability goals. HPE is driving the leadership of this circular economy thinking to help its customers derive business value from their end-of-use IT assets that provides both an economic benefit and an environmental one. 


Good for the environment and your IT budget. How the circular economy can change IT.

The world is changing. The pace of change is driving new opportunities, but at what cost? Closing the loop on product lifecycles through greater re-use and recycling, and bringing environmental and economic benefits to your business is a priority. Hear from Irv Rothman, President and CEO of HPE Financial Services on how you can contribute to the Circular Economy while improving business processes, supporting digital transformation and extending your budget reach.


The new economics of IT 

Explore a new approach on how you plan for, acquire, and consume technology. Our innovative funding models can help you maximise efficiency, accelerate innovation, and increase the agility needed to respond to business change.


Why Financial Services?

“Technology refresh” refers to the adoption of newer technology to meet changing needs or to mitigate the risk of obsolescence of existing technology. As Information Technology changes from a backend support entity to a strategic enabler, the role of “technology refresh” becomes more important. Today “technology refresh” is managed in a reactive manner. Organizations treat these investments as capital expenditure and, based on their performance, earmark a certain percentage of their IT budget for their “technology refresh” initiative.

Leasing has become much more than an alternative to traditional financing for acquiring business equipment’s. Many business owners and financial officers consider leasing an effective strategy offering flexibility, convenience and control for managing finances that provides immediate cash-flow benefits, simplifies equipment upgrades, may bring significant tax advantages, and helps achieve short- and long-term company goals.

Our solutions can be customized to suit specific lifecycle requirements of an organization to deliver optimal cash flow and tax advantages, and can be stepped up or balloon. Given that this is more of a mindset issue, given that IT has historically been a cash down purchase for most of the organisations, it may need to be driven as a combined strategy along with IT and finance team.

IT Finance Services

The Real Benefits Of Financing Your IT VERSUS Buying Your Own IT


First up - better cash flow. Your money is no longer tied up in technology that quickly dates and loses its value. Leasing business computers and other IT is the perfect solution.


Understanding the total cost of ownership of IT is no different from understanding the total cost of ownership of a company vehicle. You lease your building and you lease your company cars. Why would you buy IT when it loses its value so quickly? Leasing makes perfect sense.


Our low-cost finance packages mean you can have the very latest IT equipment when you want it - with very little outlay.


Our Leasing solutions gives total flexibility at the end of your lease term.


We satisfy company's need to prove it's green credentials. We are totally focused on providing an environmentally friendly IT solution.

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