IoT or internet of things is a network of devices, appliances, vehicles and others that are embedded with sensors, electronics, software, connectivity and actuators; enabling them to connect and exchange data. In simple words, IoT devices share data in a wired or wireless network.

What is Internet of Things?

There’s a lot of noise at the moment about the Internet of Things (or IoT) and its impact on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory. But what is the Internet of Things? How does it work? And is it really that important?


IOT in different Industries

Manufacturing IoT

Our Team is here to offer design consultation and solution support to help our clients work through the challenges of the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology. As decision makers, influencers, and budget allocations shift, we’ll align with you to deliver comprehensive solutions that connect the manufactruring unit to the business, utilizing smart data, and providing enhanced outcomes. Our SMART Services Enablement Framework will give you the skills and support to be successful in the industrial market.

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Transportation IoT

We have leveraged its unique expertise as a leader in logistics to offer validated smart solutions to drive new revenue opportunities for clients who are into transportation and logistics. Our outcome-based solutions in this space will allow you to drive new areas of conversation and business models. Our team of specialists will provide enablement and support through our SMART Services Enablement Framework, working along-side you to provide full life-cycle services.

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Workspace IoT

The connected world is a concept that can be a too broad to recognize the true potential for hardware and services revenue, which is why we are always focusing on Smart WorkSpace solutions that are relevant for you. Our solutions specialists will help you create the perfect outcome-based solutions for you to drive energy optimization and enhanced security, increasing your services and life-cycle practice growth. The SMART Services Enablement Framework will allow you to easily create, manage, and support digital services throughout yourFe customer’s deployment.

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Healthcare IoT

Apart from monitoring patients’ health, there are many other areas where IoT devices are very useful in hospitals. IoT devices tagged with sensors are used for tracking real time location of medical equipment like wheelchairs, oxygen pumps and other monitoring equipment. Deployment of medical staff at different locations can also be analyzed real time.
IoT-enabled hygiene monitoring devices help in preventing patients from getting infected. IoT devices also help in asset management like pharmacy inventory control, and environmental monitoring, for instance, checking refrigerator temperature, and humidity and temperature control.

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Retail IoT

We are working  across India on digitalisation of retail store’s. We can offer new expansive solutions that drive digital transformation and new business outcomes, like omni -channel marketing solutions and automated inventory management based on your business model.

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Unlock efficiencies and unleash innovation with IoT

The rapid expansion of devices creates opportunities to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.

Connect new and existing devices

Connect devices across multiple protocols and standards, merge data streams, and optimize acquired data for relevancy and context.

Protect devices and data

Implement rigorous security standards to protect data at rest and in motion, apply detailed access controls, and monitor for malicious behavior.

Gain meaningful insights

Take action to improve customer response, remediate underperforming processes, and develop new business opportunities.

Prepare for the Internet of Things

By 2020, it is expected that more than 28 billion IoT devices will be in operation. In anticipation of this explosive growth, HPE recognizes that success hinges on the ability of organizations to transform their IT infrastructure and operations through IoT-readiness initiatives.


of all IoT data will be processed at the edge prior to being sent to a data center by 2019.


of potential IoT economic impact requires interoperability between IoT systems.

of organizations will have adopted IoT by 2019.

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