The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet, making them available to anyone who wants to use or purchase them.

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Move to a public cloud solution, a secure and cost-effective multi-tenant environment

Take your first steps to Cloud computing with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective Public Cloud solution managed by Aztech IT Public Cloud solutions are ideal for everyday applications and for businesses that don’t have to meet stringent security regulations. They’re quick to set up, secure and infinitely scalable - making them the ideal solution for businesses looking to take advantage of the Cloud at minimal cost.

What is a Public Cloud?

When people think of cloud computing, they often think of offerings such as Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, and Google Drive. These are public clouds. A public cloud provider uses the same hardware (e.g., servers, storage devices, networking equipment)

To deliver its cloud services to all its customers. So, for instance, if you subscribe to Google Drive, your files are on the same hardware as the other subscribers’ files.

The hardware used to deliver the cloud service is always at the provider’s facility. The provider is responsible for managing the IT resource being offered (e.g., software, backup service) as well as maintaining the hardware used to deliver it.

Using a public cloud offers several benefits. For starters, you can add IT resources without having to make large capital investments. Another advantage is that you can quickly change the amount of resources you are using, letting you efficiently operate your business. Finally, you do not need to manage the IT resource you are getting through the provider.

A Understanding of Our Cloud Offering

Our Public Cloud Services comprises of services that will help you in your cloud journey .

Cloud Operations :

We establish the cloud environment for your company, and provide account management, networking, provisioning, IT service management, support and escalation, and consolidated billing.

Workload/VM Infrastructure Management:

We help manage and monitor your cloud workloads to help you make sure that your environment is performing up to your expectations and that you are optimizing your cloud spend.

Public Cloud

Services Transition:

Four processes and experience help us jointly create a seamless integration of our service team into your own policies and procedures to address incident, problem and change management; standard operating procedures, and communication and escalation plans.

Consulting and Professional

Cloud strategy workshop, cloud readiness assessment, operational requirements, IaaS design, services design, mapping on-premises to the cloud, and migration services for moving workloads to the cloud.

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