In the age of the millennials where we are spoilt for choices, customers want what they want and they want it now. At Kayimpex, we understand the need of the hour and the importance of standing out, we help you with business solutions that are tailor made to give you a competitive edge and achieve your business objective - be it customer satisfaction, maximising omnichannel capabilities, and boosting efficiency, increasing productivity or profitability and so on. Our young enthusiastic team will strategise, ideate and give you a retail-specific roadmap which will help you gain visibility that gives your retail operation a cutting edge. 

In-Store Solutions

1) In-Store Solutions

From the back of the store, to the sales floor, and everywhere in-between, you need mobile solutions to empower your workforce, improve process efficiencies, increase walk-ins/sales, boost promotions etc . Kayimpex provides you with products and solutions that are not just efficient but also easy to use and effective, we also help you with design building and products sourcing to fit your objective.

Order Fulfillment Solutions

2) Order Fulfillment Solutions

Today Customers have a choice to shop from anywhere, for anything, at any time - thus giving rise to a multilayered, profitable omnichannel operation that is critical to success in this cut throat environment. You must be able to accurately pick, ship and deliver your products to your customers no matter how they order or how you get your product in their hands. We have products and solutions for all types of retailers from department to grocery stores, pure e-commerce to brick & mortar and everywhere in-between. Get in touch with our team to help you pick the perfect fit.

Consumer Experience

3) Consumer Experience

Acquisition and Retention of customers are the biggest challenge faced by corporates today . Kayimpex helps you capture capture and analyse the same to understand what makes your customers tick thus helping us develop innovative ways of serving and interacting with them. We help you Gain insights and create strategies such as personalized shopping and turn retail environments into experiences that allow shoppers to navigate your products with plan promotions and inventory based on previous trends, give your stores a face lift to make the customer shopping experience a delight.

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